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About Enjoy Whole Health magazine....

Created in 1995, Enjoy Whole Health magazine first began in San Antonio, Texas. It was created by the late Janice Whiteley, and provided many early readers with their first exposure to holistic health information. Janice founded the magazine on two principles: 1) the public at large needed reliable holistic health information to make better informed decisons for improving mind, body and spirit, and 2) holistic practitioners needed an affordable and quality magazine to advertise their services to the public.

In late 2000, Ms. Whitely sold the magazine to Ilene Whitworth-Devlin. Ilene continued and greatly expanded the vision, launching Enjoy Whole Health - the Austin Edition in 2001.

In June 2007, Ilene sold the magazine to the current publisher, Patrick Jackson. Following these early visionairies, Patrick has also expanded and updated Enjoy Whole Health both in print and on the worldwide web, to better provide reliable holistic health information.

March 2009 - EWH moves fully into the digital age, becoming a green publication, and moving into a web-only, digital magazine. Enjoy Whole Health magazine today remains dedicated to serving the Texas holistic health community and to all our readers in Texas and around the world who desire to improve their lives - naturally.

Contact Information:

Patrick Jackson, Publisher
Enjoy Whole Health E-Magazine
2800 Broadway, Suite C-715
Pearland, Texas 77581
Phone: 210-272-0731
e-mail: info@enjoywholehealth.com